Termite Control

There are more than 2,500 types of termites. Can you guess which one may be destroying your property? Probably not. But our Grand Prairie termite control specialists can! Luckily, you don’t need to know about all the different types. That’s for us to worry about. Although some believe that termites are just pests, termites actually serve a handy purpose. They’re good at recycling plant and wood material. However, termites aren’t as useful when they’re eating the wood of structures. Each year tens of thousands of homes need treatment for termites.

Preventing Termites on Your Grand Prairie Property

If you don’t currently have any kind of prevention or protection plan in place for these harmful pests it is time to consider your options. They are silent destroyers and if you don’t have regular inspections done on your property, you could have a serious issue at hand right this instant and not be aware.

Grand Prairie Termite Inspection

One of many ways people often find out they have termites by noticing damaged wood with the remnants of mud tubes attached. People also sometimes notice mud tunnels going up the walls of a house. If you’ve found signs of termites, you should schedule a termite inspection. A termite inspection is performed by visually inspecting your home for evidence of termites. Our exterminators would be happy to help; just give us a call!

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If you think you have termites give our Grand Prairie termite exterminators a call today at (972) 360-9030 and we’d be glad to help. Have questions? We would be happy to answer them. It’s never too late to acquire services for termites, even if they’re actively destroying your property as we speak; it’s better to treat them later than never – call us today!

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